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Fireworks: check out this advice to help keep your pets safe and secure

Before the fireworks start:

Don’t let pets outside during fireworks, Take dogs for a walk before dark and provide cats with a litter tray. A firework going off when they are outside can lead to a fear of going out .Remember to leave your pet wearing their collar and identification tags just in case the worst happens and they escape in panic.

Close all windows, doors (remember the cat flap), curtains, blinds and play some music or turn on the
Television before it falls dark to keep out light flashes and muffle noises.

Provide a safe haven, a den, for example a covered cage, a cupboard or cardboard box, site it somewhere dark and secure, make sure the dog is used to the space well in advance - let the dog help you decide where this might be.  Some dogs will try to hide in the most unusual places. Make the area comfortable with the dogs normal bedding, add favourite toys and provide water but leave him free to choose whether to stay there or seek your company – he may be calmed by sticking to his normal routine of resting by your feet while you watch TV

A DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) or Feliway (the equivalent for cats) plug in a couple of weeks before the fireworks start is advised to help reduce stress and prevent their fears becoming worse. Please phone us for advice.

Zylkene is a natural product which comes in capsule form, it has been proven to help dogs and cats cope in times of stress and adapt to change. It may also be used to aid behaviour therapy such as noise desensitisation. Please phone or email info@christophercartervets.co.uk  our nurse Claire, who is our resident behaviourist for more details.

During the fireworks:

Set a good example and ignore the fireworks yourself!

Divert your pets’ attention by playing with a favourite toy or providing dogs with a new treat or chew, maybe stuff and freeze a “Kong” type toy with special tit bits to prolong the reward. Cats may just prefer to hide somewhere until the fireworks are over. Avoid leaving your pets alone if possible.

Remember a frightened animal is not rational. Do not reassure pets when they seem frightened, this could make the fear worse, soothing strokes and soft words mean that you are rewarding the fear response.


Please remember that fireworks can occur at any time of the year, especially
Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year.


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