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Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Hamsters, Birds, Snakes, Tortoises and more

Terms of business

All fees (including all medications and diets) are subject to VAT at the current rate.  We request that all fees are paid at the time of treatment. You will always be given a receipt on the breakdown of treatment if requested.  You are liable for any treatment given to your pet even when brought in by someone else (friend, relative or agent).

Methods of payment
Accounts are due for settlement at the time of treatment or collection of your pet from the clinic after an operation.  We accept the following payment methods: cash and credit/debit cards – Switch, Solo, Mastercard, Visa and Delta.

Should an account not be settled within 30 days then a reminder will be sent with an additional account charge to cover the cost of the administration.  This charge will be deducted if paid within the time frame stated on the account.  Should the account remain unpaid after that time the account will be forwarded to our debt collecting agency with further charges added to cover the cost incurred of the administration involved.

Inability to pay
If for any reason you are unable to settle your account in full, we would request that you speak to a member of staff.  Instalment payments can be arranged only to cover the cost of emergency treatment not for routine work such as vaccinations or neutering.

Pet insurance
We recommend insurance for your pet to help protect you against the unexpected costs of illness or injury.  Please ask for details about insurance from our staff members. Should your animal be insured we request that you settle the account and claim the money back from your insurance company.

Estimates for treatment costs
Please request an estimate for treatment costs if required.  This can be a verbal or written estimate.  It is important to remember that any estimate given will be an approximation as a pet’s treatment will not always follow the same course.  The surgery will make ever effort to contact you on the numbers you provide if we believe that the cost will be greater than the estimate given.  However to prevent the suffering or pain of your pet we will continue as necessary with the treatment if you are not contactable.

Your pet’s records
Your pet’s records which include radiographs are the property of the surgery and will be retained by us.  Copies and a complete history will be forwarded to any requesting Veterinary Surgeon taking over your pet’s treatment.

Written prescriptions are available from the surgery.  Prescription medicines are only available from your veterinary surgeon, or you can obtain a prescription to collect the medicines from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy.  We are only able to provide written prescriptions for animals under our care.  Our policy is to examine your pet every six months to re-assess the patient is and ensure the medication and dose are still suitable. In some cases the prescribing veterinary surgeon may request to see your pet more frequently if the case requires it. We have a set charge for this examination.  A prescription may not be suitable if your pet is an in-patient or is requiring immediate treatment from us.

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